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A Credit Union That's All in the Family

From CBS:
"Omaha, Nebraska, home of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, Omaha Steaks... and the world headquarters of America's only family credit union, otherwise known as Sue's house.

Sue Cain manages Our Family Social Credit Union from her tiny home office. In it, a computer with an unbreachable security system and a couple of filing cabinets containing current loan recipients, such as the borrower who bought a camper and a new car."

Click here to see the full story from CBS. 

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    Jump in Credit Card Fraud During the Holidays

    Two victims of credit card fraud come forward sharing their stories with Channel 6 News to warn others. The scariest part is both of them had their cards safe in their wallets.

    Cody Hornig is on a mission to warn others during this holiday season after someone used a duplicate credit card of his. He tells Channel 6 he awoke on Thanksgiving Eve to check his bank account like he normally does, but something didn’t add up.

    “There was $2,500 that was not available so I checked my pending transactions and noticed there was 11 separate charges within three hours."

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    Is a Credit Union a Better Option?

    In recent years, the turbulent banking industry has increasingly driven consumers to seek financial alternatives to the biggest national banks. A taxpayer-funded bailout, new and growing fees for basic banking products and a series of industry scandals have combined to leave a bad taste in the mouths of many bank customers. Enter credit unions.

    Though they're by no means a new concept (the oldest dates back to 1908), credit unions gained new attention in late 2011 after Bank of America -- at the time the largest U.S. bank by asset size -- proposed a $5 monthly fee for checking account customers who used a debit card to make purchases. In response, a grassroots-driven event known as "Bank Transfer Day," urging consumers to leave big banks for smaller, community-focused credit unions, made national headlines. B of A ultimately decided not to impose the $5 fee, but the event signaled the depth of tensions between the bank and its customers.

    Such an atmosphere warrants a closer look at the advantages of credit unions over the four big banks: JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and B of A. Credit union advocates point out that banks are for-profit and serve stockholders, while credit unions are not for profit and serve members. They also note many banks have a national or even international focus, while credit unions set their sights on their local community.

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    Children's Hospital Fundraiser

    Children's Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha gave the Nelson family strength and hope and ultimately the greatest gift, two healthy daughters.  In honor of the children who are fighting for their lives today and in the future, the Nelson's are raising money for Children's.  There are 6 fundraising days left in the Race to $50K and whatever the Nelson faimly raises for Children's will be matched by the listeners of KAT 103.7 FM, so every dollar counts!


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      Race to 50K

      Join the Nelson's as they raise $5,000 to support the life-saving work at Children's  They'll announce their grand total as they co-host an hour of the KAT 103 Radiothon for Children's August 23-25 and ask listeners to help them match their donation.  Please, take a look at the website to learn more and to see how you can register for this great event.  

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        Bike Taxi Mid-Season Report

        The first half of the 2012 Better Your Money Bike Taxi tour has just wrapped up.  With trips through Lincoln, Omaha, Seward, Beatrice, and Fremont already under its belt and trips to Millard and Kearney on the horizon, the rickshaw is certainly going to have its cab full the next couple of months. 

        So far this year, the bike taxi has made appearances giving free rides at several concerts in Lincoln, parades in Beatrice and Fremont, and the College World Series in Omaha.  Each stop has been a huge success for gathering attention, providing riders with knowledge about local credit unions and of course, giving free rides. 

        The rest of the summer still has several great events that the bike taxi is attending and even a few events still available for credit unions to send the bike taxi to.  A few of the events still available are Lancaster County Super Fair, Capital City Ribfest and the Nebraska Balloon and Wine Festival. 

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        College World Series of Omaha

        The College World Series of Omaha made for 11 total days of great baseball and tasty hot dogs. The Better Your Money Bike Taxi was on the scene the College World Series, escorting fans to the stadium and off of the sizzling streets! The turn out was great in anticipation of the games’ outcomes, and The Better Your Money Bike Taxi was there to make sure patrons didn’t miss a single strikeout or homerun. Check out the pictures and don't miss next year's College World Series of Omaha!

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          College World Series of Omaha

          The College World Series was packed for Game 7 - 8. It was equally hot as the heat index hung around 100˚! But no fear for the citizens attending this years Series, as the Better Your Money Bike Taxi was on the scene! Rescuing people from the sizzling streets, the Bike Taxi aided people in escaping the heat. The turn out was great in anticipation of the games' victors. Check out the pictures and don't miss the rest of the games at this years' College World Series!

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            Homestead Days Parade

            Another day, another parade was the story of the Better Your Money Bike Taxi this Saturday in Beatrice. The Bike Taxi was on the scene this weekend, giving Dean Thornburg and his wife a personal ride down the parade stretch. Much candy was thrown and many tikes were there to capture these delicious confections in their candy bags! What a started as a grey and rainy day turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon! Check out the pictures at the link and don't miss next years Homestead Days Parade in Beatrice!

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              Jazz in June - Great Jazz, Great Outdoors

              Jazz in June truly was great jazz in the great outdoors. It was a perfect evening to be outside and it was equally packed! People enjoyed seeing the rickshaw and getting free rides. The Daryll White Group with guest saxophone player Bobby Watson impressed all with its familiar tunes and original composition playlist. The Better Your Money Bike Taxi was on the scene with free rides, allowing guests to hear as much fantastic music and see as much art as possible! Check out the pictures from the event and don't miss the next Jazz in June each Tuesday in June! 


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